Module Contents

class arkouda.matcher.Matcher(pattern: arkouda.dtypes.str_scalars, parent_entry_name: str)[source]
find_locations() None[source]

Populates Matcher object by finding the positions of matches

findall(return_match_origins: bool = False)[source]

Return all non-overlapping matches of pattern in Strings as a new Strings object

full_match_bool: arkouda.pdarrayclass.pdarray
full_match_ind: arkouda.pdarrayclass.pdarray
get_match(match_type: arkouda.match.MatchType, parent: object = None) arkouda.match.Match[source]

Create a Match object of type match_type

indices: arkouda.pdarrayclass.pdarray
lengths: arkouda.pdarrayclass.pdarray
match_bool: arkouda.pdarrayclass.pdarray
match_ind: arkouda.pdarrayclass.pdarray
num_matches: arkouda.pdarrayclass.pdarray
populated = False
search_bool: arkouda.pdarrayclass.pdarray
search_ind: arkouda.pdarrayclass.pdarray
split(maxsplit: int = 0, return_segments: bool = False)[source]

Split string by the occurrences of pattern. If maxsplit is nonzero, at most maxsplit splits occur

starts: arkouda.pdarrayclass.pdarray
sub(repl: str, count: int = 0, return_num_subs: bool = False)[source]

Return the Strings obtained by replacing non-overlapping occurrences of pattern with the replacement repl. If count is nonzero, at most count substitutions occur If return_num_subs is True, return the number of substitutions that occurred